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Fixing Slow iOS 9 Devices

Published by Dave McCann in Mobile Devices · 9/10/2015 14:46:00
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Fixing iOS 9 Slow Performance Issues

We don't often put together many Apple-specific articles, since our clientelle are largely PC users, but so many individuals use either iPhones or iPads.  Even though it is best practice to wait for a few bug fix updates, if you're like most people, when an update comes out you install it pretty quickly.  A number of users (including myself) have experienced sluggish performance from their iOS devices after updating to iOS 9 from earlier versions.  Slower scrolling, delayed responses from the interface, and just general sluggishness.   This often occurs when older devices are updated with a new OS due to higher memory requirements due to the addition of new features.  Sometimes that "cool" new interface or special effect may not be worth the extra overhead.

Here are few tested tips to help improve the responsiveness of your iPhone or iPad on iOS 9:

Disable Transparency and Motion
Changes to the interface, icons, special effects and the like often make the UI look cool, but they also use resources that can slow your system.  So its a good idea to look here for easy performance gains.
  1. Open the "Settings" app in iOS and go the "General" section,
  2. Choose "Accessibility"
  3. Find "Increase Contrast" and choose "Reduce Transparency" by toggling that to the ON position
  4. Going back to Accessibility, locate the "Reduce Motion" toggle and slide that to the ON position also
  5. Exit from Settings and browse the interface, you should find an immediate improvement

Disable Background App Refresh
Background app refresh allows apps to get updates in the background but these activities can slow you down.
  1. In Settings of iOS go to "General"
  2. Find the "Bacground App Refresh" option and turn this slider to the OFF position

Diable Siri Suggestions
On new devices with Siri support, Suggestions is one of the notable new features.  Unfortunately, is also slows down iOS and turning it off will speed you up.
  1. Open Settings and go to "General"
  2. Select the "Spotlight Suggestions"
  3. Change the "Siri Suggestions" to the OFF position

If all else fails, Reboot the Device
This goes for just about any computing device, applications sometimes don't close properly or release memory and rebooting clears all of these issues.
  1. Hold down the Home button and Power button until you see the Apple logo on the screen

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