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Updating to Windows 10 without update icon

Published by Dave McCann in Windows · 18/9/2015 11:35:00
Tags: windows10upgrade
The Windows 10 Upgrade Icon

Early adopters could select the small Windows 10 upgrade icon in the system tray to reserve a copy and get Windows 10 upgrades.   This icon may never have made it to your pc if you are part of a domain (business) network or if all the pre-requisite updates had been applied. Updating using this method is no longer necessary.

The Windows 10 Backup and Upgrade Link

We've had a link posted on our Windows 10 support page for awhile now.  This provides a direct path to obtain a backup copy of Windows 10 (to save or burn to DVD) and also to do a direct in-place update.

Scroll down this page to find the two download links...

Select the appropriate version (righ-click Computer, select Properties to view the version you have).  Once the download tool is retrieved you will run that to create your media, USB drive or ISO file for burning to DVD.

If you are performing an in-place upgrade of your existing system, selet the Upgrade this PC now option in the tool.   This will initiate the upgrade and pre-requisite check.  It will use your existing license key and should take 30-40 minutes on average depending on your system.

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