Remote Support Agreement

Remote support is provided by appointment only and only to current customers and is billed in increments of 30 minute blocks at our current hourly rate unless you have a support agreement.  This service allows us to remotely take control of your computer.  In some cases, you may be prompted by your firewall or other security software if you wish to allow our Helpdesk software to run and you should choose to allow this or temporarily disable any software that may interfere. 

Our Helpdesk remote software does require an assisted connection, therefore we cannot use it unattended and nothing is installed or left installed on your system when the connection is ended so it is completely safe.  We can provide after-hours unassisted support to subscribers with a Virtual IT Maintenance Plan.

If you agree to allow remote control of your system, please click the link below.  You will be prompted to load our software, you should select RUN, then select the appropriate Technician number and the Connect button as instructed.

I AGREE (remote 1)

If your technician is out the office or we have trouble with our normal remote support tool we may ask you to try one of our alternate support tools by clicking below and then providing us with the support code.

I AGREE (alternate 1)

I AGREE (alternate 2)