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We'll post topical Technology News that may forecast a trend or preview newly released or soon to be released products that will be of interest to our clients or that we find interesting and in need of spotlighting.

Our Take on Recent News Items

July 2014

  • Newest 9-series chipset systems are shipping though not much has changed from our current 8-series systems.

May 2014

  • Death of the Desktop PC has been greatly exagerated as sales of Desktops soar in 2014!  Partly due to the end-of-life of Windows XP in April, but Desktop sales are up 200% over prior years as customers replace aging systems.

November 2013

  • New iPhone 5c/5s has arrived and updated iPad Air and Mini announced and coming soon and updated Windows Surface Pro and Surface RT are now shipping along with Windows 8.1.  Also look for an updated Nexus 5 Android phone, this off-contract gem is the best value in a high-end smartphone (T-Mobile or AT&T) with long-term savings over contract-based phones.

May 2013

  • Intel's Next Unit of Computing (NUC) will be available with a Core i5 processor soon -- these tiny computer's feature multiple display support and are ideal for digital signage and now even desktop PC usage models.

April 2013

  • Blackberry rolls our their new BB10 devices starting with the Z10 and later to be followed by the highly anticipated Q10 (with keyboard) in June.   BB10 is a remarkably good comeback product from a company that has a lot of catching up to do.   While the industry press has provided so-so reviews, users seem to love the new products and we feel they have a good shot at securing the 3rd spot in the competitive smartphone market.

March 2013

  • Intel has announced they will be exiting the desktop motherboard business within 3 years as desktop PC's are evolving.   As an Intel partner we are sad to see this, however, we will embrace the new small form factor desktops that are arriving.   Just like Intel, we feel the desktop PC market is not going away anytime soon but rather just evolving.


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