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Tethering is a capability that allows your phone or smartphone to be used as a modem to connect your laptop to the internet.  Sometimes, the smartphone just isn't enough to get real work done, and there is often no need to purchase a special laptop modem and separate plan along with the associated monthly fee.

Vendor Options

Many wireless vendors do offer tethering options with some phones.  Sprint, for example, offered a "phone as modem" service when I used a Palm Treo.  Other vendors may offer a similar add-on plan for your device so check with them.

Third Party Options

Check your wireless carrier's service agreement, they may not officially sanction these options, but they do work!

  • Blackberry - Check out tether.com which is one of the best and easiest methods to tether w/o extra monthly fees.  The PdaNet product at jundfabrics.com is an alternate.

  • Android - Check out junefabrics.com for PdaNet for Android for a solution void of monthly fees.  If you have a Sprint EVO you may pay monthly for tethering or mobile hotspot capability -- features that will make it to all Android phones with the Android 2.2 update (most current models should get this update sometime in 2010).

  • iPhone - Check out junefabrics.com for PdaNet for Apple and others.

  • PalmOS - Check out PdaNet at junefabrics.com

  • Windows Mobile - Check out PdaNet at junefabrics.com

All these options require connecting a cable to your laptop (or bluetooth where supported, generally not as good).  Watch for certain Android models to begin supporting WIFI hotspots -- use your laptop WIFI connection to connect to the phone.

When tethering without a carrier sanctioned plan, data limits of your phone's internet plan will apply.  If you use a 3rd party tethering program without a plan from your carrier, do not abuse the capability as it is easier with a laptop to download lots of files.


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