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Windows 7 officially launch on October 22, 2009, and here we are just about 3 years later when Windows 8 will officially be launched on October 26th, 2012 and one year after that the 8.1 update is finally here!  

Here's the latest you need to know:

  • Following Windows XP (the most successful O/S in history) Windows 7 has done very well.   We expect most businesses to continue implementing Windows 7.   If you have not been doing so, your business is now officially running outdated technology.

  • Windows 8.1 update provides only minor tweaks to the basic Windows 8 user interface.  If you did not like 8, you'll probably not like 8.1 any better.  You can start to desktop right away, probably something MOST desktop users will enable.   We feel with the traditional desktop and Start menu gone, it will take a few generations to warm up to this, or Microsoft will entirely revamp things with Windows 9????   It's not bad, just very, very different for most users.

windows 7 is coming

Our take on Windows 8:

We have used Windows 8 since the Preview in June 2012 and find it to be a strange mixture of old and new.  While there are some great new features, most business customers are probably going to want to pass on this.   The 8.1 update has arrived in October 2013 and has added a few tweaks, notably you can start to desktop now instead of the funky start menu.  No major changes though.

Businesses generally don't like to run mixed environments, so if you're happy with Windows 7 (or XP), we recommend that you keep buying it for the remainder of 2013.  If you're still using XP, it is now over 6 years old and support will end in early 2014 -- don't wait for end-of-support arrives -- migrate to Windows 7 now.  We believe Windows 8 could be a great transition product on tablets but don't see the majority of businesses adopting it in 2012 or 2013.


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